May 30, 2019

A beautiful review from one of Mark Yale Harris’ Private Collectors

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A beautiful review from one of Mark Yale Harris’ private collectors,

“I personally wanted to say thank you for sharing your talent with us. My Husband gifted me with, ‘He Rode a Dark Horse’ this morning for the day that signified the spark that lead to our love affair. So this piece will always be dear for the sentimental affections that I share with him, but also for the beauty of the piece itself.

If I had seen this piece on my own, I would be drawn to its beauty and the sleek/sexy lines of the horse. The dark legs that move to the marbled color of the body and head of the horse. The beauty of the bird both in color and placement. I’ve longed admired your work and now will appreciate it on a daily basis in our home.

You are a friend that has inspired my husband through the years to follow your dreams no matter when they come into your life and for me that the right person can shape the block of stone into something of great beauty!”