Mireille Vautier | “Filet Rouge No. 3″ (Detail) | Plastic Netting & Cotton Thread | 10″x3”

Kennedy’s professional underpinnings include the practice of law in New York and Boston, having graduated from the New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts with a Juris Doctor Degree, as well as a B.A. with Honors in Literature from the State University of New York – Oneonta, New York.

In addition, she is experienced in small business ownership, editorial, and archival work. Her multitude of expertise has led to decades of global travel and residence. A few years ago, she returned to school and received a BFA summa cum laude from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. While a student and, upon graduation, as staff, she was the university’s art history and writing tutor. In her art practice, she is an exhibited painter and computer animator.

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