Jan 30, 2019

More about The Messenger Collection…

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The Messenger Collection is an extensive body of artwork that includes, among other items, original religious pieces by eminent artists of the genre such as Peter Bianchi, Warner Sallman, Florence Kroger and Peter Darro. These are available for acquisition for the first time. During its 100 years of operation, the Messenger Publishing Company amassed a collection of over 3,600 original religious works. These were commissioned by the company and used to produce iconic devotional imagery for sacred art calendars, prayer cards and other printed materials distributed domestically and internationally. For highlights of the collection, please visit http://www.messengerreligiousart.com.

Peter V. Bianchi was an artist from Kenosha, Wisconsin. After serving in WWII, he attended the Chicago Academy of Art. In 1959, he began working at National Geographic as an illustrator; he is known for several large series of paintings prepared in consultation with noted experts in history and archaeology. After leaving National Geographic, he returned to his passion of creating religious works, including “The Madonna of the Airways,” which hangs at the U.S. Air Force Academy. His wife gifted many of his original oils to the Kenosha Public Museum after his death.